Welcome to Life and The Stuff That Happens! The Tiffs and Turns of Today.

I will be writing poems and inspirational quotes about living in general; self-help tips; and blogging about real issues of today. I will also be writing articles about holistic health and I will include recipes for this topic.

One Tiff after another and how to handle life with grace.

Remember, people can’t be changed. 

So make each day as good as you can and replace each negative with a positive. 

Relax while diffusing your favorite Essential Oil,  and enjoy life and the stuff that happens!

Have a beautiful day! 

Author Christa Johnson. catj35.

Heart & Body Naturals Consultant goDesana Organics Consultant

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Tidbit Thursday

Organic water soluble CBD coffee is here☕️25mg of CBD in every cup for the optimal daily therapeutic use.

Pure, bio-available CBD triggers your body to produce endocannabinoids naturally which can lead to cell repair and improved health. 😯

Thank you for joining me with Holistic Living.


Wisdom Wednesday


Always Start Slowly With Herbal Supplements On A Low Dose And Gradually Build Up The Dose.

If you have a suppressed immune system and extreme allergies, your symptoms may well get worse when you start taking Entourage as it contains 10mg of Thymoquinone per full dropper or 250mg per bottle.

Do not take while pregnant or nursing.

Start On A Low Dose…

from a few drops to 10 drops 1 x per day for 2-7 days

then 5 drops to 10 drops 2 x per day for 2 -7 days

build up to 10 to 20 drops 2 x per day.