A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love for her children never goes away. 
Even when they have grown, she still wants, to help them in any way.
A mother always wants what’s best for her children’s lives.
A mother’s heart breaks in two when things don’t go as planned.
Often times she blames herself, although, adults make their own plans.
A mother wants to be the one that guides you every day. When you are small she wants it all, for you to be okay.
A mother is a person too, and often times she’s been through, a lot of stuff she won’t tell, so her children can live well.
A mother loves her children so, and blames herself when things don’t go, quite as planned, even though, other people played a role.
A mother loves her children so, even when their grown.
Then to realize when their grown, they lie and steal without remorse.
A mother loves her children so, but when they lie, they have to go. Because the lies grow long and wide, a mother’s heart is torn inside.
A mother loves her children so, but stealing leaves her no control.
A mother loves her children so, but with all of that it’s time to go.
A mother cannot change a thing,when the children are all grown.
A mother has no control, over where they choose to go. It’s not what a mother plans for the future of their clan.
A mother’s love still never ends.

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Welcome to Life and The Stuff That Happens! The Tiffs and Turns of Today.

I will be writing poems and inspirational quotes about living in general; self-help tips; and blogging about real issues of today. I will also be writing articles about holistic health and I will include recipes for this topic.

One Tiff after another and how to handle life with grace.

Remember, people can’t be changed. 

So make each day as good as you can and replace each negative with a positive. 

Relax while diffusing your favorite Essential Oil,  and enjoy life and the stuff that happens!

Have a beautiful day! 

Author Christa Johnson. catj35.

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