Tidbit Thursday

Chronic inflammation is now being recognized as the “root of most disease” and even “the silent killer”. This is because most people don’t even realize that they have inflammation before it is too late. 😢

Inflammation is the body’s automatic response to injury or infection. When your body feels it needs to protect itself from foreign substances the white blood cells send out chemicals that increase blood flow to whatever area is affected. This response is used to help protect and heal that area and is called acute inflammation. 😵 But when that inflammation becomes chronic it can be a real problem and affect your entire body. 👎🏻

Our product line and Go Clean & Lean 6/1 Meal Plan focuses on helping to reduce inflammation 🙌🏼throughout the body. . Alexandria Brighton 🙋🏻‍♀️ formulated these products with her deep intuitive knowledge that there is synergy in nature and that what heals also prevents. Heart & Body Naturals products are rooted in the ancient Ayurvedic modality from India. #HBNtidbit #inflammation, #HolisticLivingGroup, #HolisticLiving

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Author Christa Johnson

Hello. I am a writer. I write poetry and quotes. I am also an affiliate with Rocky Mountain Oils. And Heart & Body Naturals. I believe in holistic health for myself and others. Thank you for joining me at Life and the Stuff That Happens! For Bible Study join me at: Women Walking With Jesus.com 🙏🏼

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