Tohi Wellness Pack Product Review

Rocky Mountain Oils
Tohi Wellness Pack

Today’s product review is on the Tohi Wellness Pack by Rocky Mountain Oils.

Tohi means perfect harmony between the mind, body and spirit, and is formulated for adults. Rocky Mountain Oils premium 100% pure essential oil infused supplement line, has all natural ingredients, and when combined with these core elements, you can achieve total wellness naturally.

The main benefits of the Tohi Wellness Pack are listed below:

  • tohi BURST is a natural Energy Supplement. Burst contains Rocky Mountain Oils Signature Fitness Essential Oil Blend, Panmol sprout based B Vitamins and Green Tea.  Burst is a dietary supplement that contains 120 softgels, for a 30 day supply.    Energize-Elevate-Focus.

Burst has really made a difference in my daily activities.  Since starting this supplement, I feel like I am able to focus and my energy level is much better than before I started taking Burst. The softgels are small and easy to swallow when taken with water.

  • tohi ENHANCE is an ultimate Omega Supplement. Enhance contains Rocky Mountain Oils Signature Lymph Support Essential Oil Blend, Omega 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, vitamins D and E and Flax Seed Oil.  Enhance is a dietary supplement that contains 60 softgels for a 30 day supply.                                                                     Balance-Glow-Detoxify.

Enhance has helped me look healthier, with a good skin tone. It’s good to detox our bodies from the not so healthy stuff and this supplement gives an overall good feeling and healthy appearance. Enhance has the essential blend to support a healthy body inside and out.

  •  tohi NOURISH is a Multivitamin Supplement.  Nourish contains Rocky Mountain Oils Signature Bolster Blend, Wheatgrass Juice Powder, and Pre-B Fermented Whole Food Blend. Nourish is a dietary supplement that contains 90 softgels for a 30 day supply.                                                                                                           Strenghthen-Boost-Complete.

Nourish has been a great addition to my current diet. Taking a multivitamin supplement works well to keep me healthy and balanced in my fast paced life.

The Tohi Wellness Pack is a very healthy supplement pack that adults can count on to help meet their nutritional needs.

Take a look at the Rocky Mountain Oils Website and the Tohi Wellness Pack at:

Rocky Mountain Product Review                                                                                       By Christa Johnson


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